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5 Common Summer Plumbing Problems

Protect Your Property From Serious Summer Plumbing Problems When we think of potential problems for homeowners in the summer, plumbing issues may not readily come to mind. However, the warmer months are a prime time for plumbing problems that may not occur at other times of the year. How can homeowners protect their property from […]

PEX or Copper?

Which Pipes Are More Likely to Freeze: PEX or Copper?  Winter is a season rife with pros and cons. While the biggest upside might be spending time with your family around the holidays, a big, potential downside is frozen pipes. Many homes have copper or PEX piping, but which is better suited to stand up […]

How to find frozen pipes in your home

How to Find Frozen Pipes in Your Home Winter can cause many problems for homes, and one of the most common is frozen pipes. The difficult part isn’t heating the pipes to get water flowing again; it’s finding the spot that’s frozen. So many water pipes Your home is crisscrossed with water pipes. Every sink […]

15 Simple Tasks To Winterize Your Vacant Home

With summer a distant memory and winter quickly closing in on fall, many snow birds are preparing to head south for the coldest months of the year. If you’re planning to close up your vacation, rental or primary home for the winter, don’t leave before winterizing your home. Before you close the door on another […]