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It’s changed our lives! It’s fantastic!

Dear WHPI,

Thank you so very much for the clean, odor free water! I just had the best shower I’ve had in three years!


Thank you for the great service you provided to us.

The water has been a true blessing. Andy said just last evening, “It sure is great to fill the ice trays from the faucet”. The grandchildren can’t believe they can take a shower without the water “stinking”. Thank you so much for working with us.

Do You Have PROBLEM WATER In Your Home?

   Take This Water Quality Quiz!

Ask yourself the questions below…If you answer “yes” to one or more of them, then please call Walter Hill Plumbing, Inc at (615)-893-9013 for a FREE water test (over $100.00 at a private lab). With over thirty two years of experience, we can give you straight forward, no nonsense answers to all of your water quality questions.

    • Does your water have a bad taste?
    • Does your water have a bad odor?
    • Do you have ugly stains on your sinks, shower,toilet and tub?
    • Do you have dry itchy skin?
    • Does your water leave white deposits on your glasses, dishes, and silverware?
    • Do you buy bottled water?
    • Is your laundry dull, gray or stained?
    • Do you frequently replace your water heater or dishwasher?
    • Has your water tested positive for bacteria?
    • Would you like to have unlimited high quality water in your home for one low monthly fee per month?

      Middle Tennessee’s best choice for water softeners, water conditioners, reverse osmosis systems and water treatment filters.


      Murfreesboro and Middle Tennessee – a great place to live, work and play. We enjoy great state parks along with nature’s abundant fresh, clean water for recreational activities such as: boating, fishing, and swimming…

      Unfortunately that doesn’t necessarily mean for washing, cooking or drinking.

      Here’s One Family’s Story:

      We moved from a city, where the water tasted like you were drinking pool water, to a small subdivision in Christiana, where our water source would be from our own clean fresh well. Boy, were we in for a rude awakening. To begin with, our water was just plain “stinky”. Then we noticed that our white clothes still looked gray, even after just being washed. Next, we couldn’t get rid of ugly orange stains in our sink, tub, toilet and on the shower curtain. But the last straw was when our fingernails and toenails started to turn orange as well.

      What’s Going On Here?

      We needed immediate help and conducted a desperate search for some answers. Luckily, we found Russell Stroud from Walter Hill Plumbing in Murfreesboro, TN. He came out to our house and conducted a free in-home water test. We were really shocked to find out the results – extremely hard water, lots of iron (that’s what caused all the orange stains), and high levels of other unhealthy contaminants.

      At the time, we had two young children and one more on the way, and we weren’t about to put their health at risk. So we decided to purchase the WaterMax® system for our water conditioning and water treatment needs.

      It was one of the best decisions for our home and family’s health that we ever made! But we weren’t done yet. We then asked about the Reverse Osmosis System for our drinking water and wondered if it really would make a difference.

      Needless to say, once we found out all the benefits, we were convinced…And we purchased that system too! Even after six years, our systems are still going strong and our family still believes that the water from our tap rivals the best bottled water or purest spring anywhere.

      Thanks Russell…
      (Denis and Family)

      WATER . . . We Treat It Right!

      Take control of your water with the most efficient water treatment systems available in the industry. Water quality can change from neighborhood to neighborhood; even from home to home. City or well water, Walter Hill Plumbing can offer a patented approach to solving your home’s specific water needs.

      IMAGINE – No more bottled water.

      Now it’s fresh from the tap! Our customized, patented, whole-house water treatment systems, including a full line of water filters, and reverse osmosis drinking water systems represent over 40 years of engineering expertise. It is easy to see how WaterMax® is The Right Solution™ for your water treatment needs.

      Water Softeners/Conditioners and Water Treatment Systems

      Hague water softeners/conditioners offer a host of benefits including cleaner clothes, better tasting food and drink, and longer lasting appliances.

      Hague’s innovative engineering team has secured 9 U.S. patents for their WaterMax® technology. With Hague, you will enjoy years of efficient, problem-free water treatment for your entire home

      Reverse Osmosis Systems

      Hague brings you the benefits of great tasting, safe, clean water with their reverse osmosis systems. Reverse osmosis provides an effective means for removing contaminants from drinking water. Hague systems optimize this process providing increased efficiency and performance.

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